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The 5 Best Home Tanning Beds in 2023: Tested & Reviewed

Ready to turn your place into a sunshine haven? The lowdown is, we’ve got the scoop on the best at-home tanning beds in 2023. No more gloomy vibes – let’s dial up the warmth with that sun-kissed glow right at your fingertips. Forget stressing about the weather; we’ve cracked the code to that just-off-the-beach radiance, no matter the climate. Say peace out to the idea of a fancy sunroom – we’re diving straight into the world of home tanning beds.

We did some digging and found the top five champs that mix comfort, style, and that golden glow. Home tanning has never been this sweet. And here’s a secret: No more running to tanning salons and dealing with extra expenses. It’s all about easy, breezy, beautiful tanning at home!

Our Picks for the Best at Home Tanning beds:

Best OverallProSun Jade 32

Best CheapSolar Wave 16

Best PortableProSun SunDream

Best Stand-UpSolar Storm 30ST

Best PremiumLuxura X5

Best Overall

ProSun Jade 32

ProSun Jade 32 tanning bed


15-20 Minutes


83’’ x 35.5’’ x 48’’ 325 lbs


x32 110W & 100W Bulbs



ProSun Jade – the gold standard for a commercial-grade tanning bed that’s about to take your at-home tan game to a whole new level! Picture this: a robust design giving you a sprawling tanning surface, all in the cozy comfort of your own space.

But that’s not all – this bad boy comes with a digital timer, making the tanning process a breeze to program and use. No complicated tech stuff, just straightforward convenience.

And also peace of mind is included! The ProSun Jade throws in a standard 1-year warranty, showing off its durability and the manufacturer’s total confidence in how it performs.

What the review says: One of the client who contributed to this tanning bed’s 5 star rating shared: “I wanted to leave a review to let everyone know this is a great tanning bed. It is nice and comfortable and feel very sturdy as it’s made with good quality materials. The bulbs are also longer than the ones in my old bed I had at home.”

  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Free pillow included
  • Free protective eyewear included
  • Free bed cleaner included
  • Has a digital timer that is easy to program and use

  • Might be pricey for some
  • Shipping Insurance fee is not included in the price ($49)

Best Cheap

Solar Wave 16


20 Minutes


75″ x 34″ x 48″ 250 lbs


x16 Wolff Light Bulbs



The Solar Wave 16 Standard tanning beds are the real deal! They redefine tanning with style and durability at an affordable price. Perfect for home use, these beds operate on a regular wall outlet and come with a solid 1-year warranty. Proudly made in the USA, the Solar Wave 16 features 16 lamps for a quick 20-minute tan time, prioritizes safety with protective UV acrylic, and offers easy assembly with 98% preassembled units. Your ticket to an easy, breezy, and affordable tan!

What the review says: One of the client who contributed to this tanning bed’s 5 star rating shared: “Awesome tanning bed. Bed is so quiet, bulbs give you a perfect even tan, easy to put together, would recommend to anyone.

  • Designed for regular household electrical outlets
  • 1-year warranty
  • Tunnel design completely surrounds tanners for fast all-over tanning results
  • Delivered 98% preassembled making assembly quick and easy.
  • Free pillow
  • Free protective eye-wear
  • Free bed cleaner
  • Less powerful than other tanning bed (but still does the job well)
  • Less robust

Best Portable

ProSun SunDream


20 Minutes


78’’ x 45’’ x 33’’ 135 lbs


x12 R-UVA 100w bulbs



This bed is sleek, portable, and designed for your convenience. Picture this: a spa-like feel with its beautiful curved acrylic, giving you the flexibility to tan while lying down, sitting, or even standing – perfect for tight spaces!

And let’s talk glow – the Sundream packs intense output reflector lamps, guaranteeing you a beautiful, all-over tan with a simple switch of positions during your session. You’ll be radiant and glowing! But the best part? Assembly is a breeze. The Sundream comes 95% pre-assembled, so you’ll be soaking up those rays in just a few moments. And guess what? You’ve got the comfort of a standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

What the review says: One of the client who contributed to this tanning bed’s 5 star rating shared: “This is my my first tanning bed that I’ve had in my house and I absolutely love it! It saves so much space and I love how I can lay down or stand up with it. Very easy to assemble. 10/10 I’m a very avid tanner.”

  • Comes 95% pre assembled and only takes a few moments to set up
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • You can use in a lay down, sitting, or standing position
  • Compact, lightweight and portable design
  • Free protective eye-wear
  • Free bed cleaner

  • Less powerful compare to other tannings beds
  • More Fragile than other home Tanning beds

Best Stand Up

Solar Storm 30ST

Solar Storm tanning bed


15-20 Minutes


 77” x 48” x 65” 435 lbs




$3,499 – $3,899

Meet the Solar Storm 30ST Vertical Tanning Bed – your game-changer for a sun-kissed glow in just 10 minutes! This stand-up wonder packs a punch with 30 super-efficient lamps churning out 3000 watts of bronzing magic. And get this – it’s got a slick vertical tunnel design for a full 360-degree tan, thanks to its cool “No Contact” blueprint.

But that’s not all – it’s got this open-style cooling thing going on and a space-saving design that fits right into your home or business. Quick 10-minute sessions mean you’re rocking that year-round bronze without wasting precious time. Ready to soak up the glow with the Solar Storm 30ST? It’s like a sunbath without leaving your place – how cool is that?

Warranty: 36 months on parts – Including: Ballast, contactors, & timers, 6 months on acrylic, 90 days on gas springs, 90 days on lamps and fans, 180 days on labor

  • Top and bottom protective UV acrylic shield
  • Exclusive vertical tunnel design
  • Complete 360° tanning capacity
  • Requires less space than many home tanning systems
  • Superflow internal cooling system
  • Specially designed reflectors
  • Exclusively designed acrylic sheet
  • Extruded aluminum and steel mainframe

  • Warranty and Insurance are not included in the price
  • Quite Heavy

Best Premium

Luxura X5

Luxura X5 premium tanning bed


10-12 Minutes


90.2″ x 53.5″ x 61.4″ 975 lbs


x16 180W & x3 Facial Lamps


Expensive (Ask the Brand)

Luxura bed, designed with salon owners in mind. You’ve got SmartVoice guidance here, making it simple for both owners and staff. Worried about maintenance? Don’t be! Cleaning’s a cinch, and lamp replacements are a piece of cake, whether they’re standard or high-pressure.

Talking about tanning power. This products got it all – superior tanning power with an ergonomically designed surface featuring extra-long lamps giving an all-over tan, whether it’s for you or your client.

Its chic full-color display and a savvy cooling system. It’s not just for the pros; even if you’re a newbie, you’re in for an impressive experience. Bluetooth connectivity for personalized tunes. Oh, and those adjustable face tanners and smart touch controls? Ready for a tan-tastic time? The Luxura X5 is waiting!

Warranty: 10 year warranty on steel frame, 12 Months on electronic components, 90 days on labor

  • Superior tanning power
  • Ambient lighting system with flowing colors
  • Audio experience with two extra internal music channels
  • Bed with ergonomically formed surface
  • XL Light extra long lamps, which have a length of two meters, ensure an even, all-over tan.

  • Higher price point
  • Require dedicated space
  • Heavy

What to Consider when Looking for an At Home Tanning Bed


When navigating the world of home tanning beds, you’ll encounter two primary types: commercial and residential models. Each has distinct characteristics to consider. Commercial beds, commonly found in tanning salons, are robust, designed for frequent use, and may boast advanced tech features. On the other hand, residential tanning beds, crafted for home use, are lighter, designed for lower usage, and often feature more compact designs. Weigh the pros and cons of each type based on your usage patterns, available space, and preferences.

Materials and Features

Delve into the materials and features of the home tanning bed you’re eyeing. Assess the space requirements, as some models demand ample room. Ensure the bed includes essential features such as protective UV acrylic, efficient lamp count, and a durable aluminum frame. The choice between horizontal and vertical beds, additional features like timers or Bluetooth systems, and the level of pressure from the bulbs are all considerations under this category.


Contemplate the installation process, especially if you’re opting for a full-sized tanning bed. Consider whether your space can accommodate it or if a folding canopy or stand-up bed might be more suitable. Also, assess the voltage requirements and electrical outlets, potentially involving an electrician to install a suitable power source.


Understand the power consumption of the tanning bed, differentiating between commercial and residential models. Commercial beds often require higher voltages and consume more electricity, making residential beds a more cost-effective and suitable choice for home use. Ensure that your chosen model aligns with your electrical capacity to avoid any power-related issues.


Give due consideration to the warranty options when purchasing a home tanning bed. Investing in a bed without a warranty poses risks, and it’s advisable to explore the possibility of an extended warranty for added protection. Check the duration and coverage of the warranty for various components like ballasts, contactors, lamps, and other electric parts.

Safety Concerns

Prioritize safety considerations when introducing a home tanning bed into your space. Address voltage variations with a buck booster if necessary and strictly adhere to the recommended bulbs mentioned in the user’s manual. Understand the power requirements with your landlord if you’re renting, and always use tanning lotion, sunscreen, and goggles for personal protection. Be mindful of the potential risks associated with overexposure to UV rays and establish responsible tanning habits for long-term health.

FAQ – Home Tanning Beds

Is it worth having a tanning bed at home?

It can be worth having a tanning bed at home for the convenience it offers, eliminating the need for salon appointments. Home tanning beds can provide a consistent tan, especially beneficial for those with busy schedules or limited access to sunlight. Additionally, they can be a cost-effective long-term investment compared to frequenting salons.

How do I know what level tanning bed to use?

Determining the appropriate tanning bed level depends on your skin type and tanning goals. Generally, lower levels are suitable for sensitive skin, while higher levels provide a quicker tan. Start with lower levels and gradually progress to avoid skin damage. Consult the bed’s user manual and seek advice from salon professionals for personalized recommendations.

What makes a good tanning bed?

A good tanning bed should have essential features such as protective UV acrylic, efficient lamp count, and a durable frame. Consider factors like ease of installation, power consumption, and warranty coverage for components. Additionally, choose a reputable brand known for quality and safety in the tanning industry.

What size breaker do I need for a 220v tanning bed?

For a 220v tanning bed, a breaker of appropriate size is crucial. Typically, a 20-amp dedicated circuit breaker is recommended to ensure safe and efficient operation. Consult the tanning bed’s specifications or seek guidance from an electrician to determine the specific breaker size required for your model.

Is it safe to go to the sunbed once a week?

Tanning once a week in a sunbed can be considered safe if proper precautions are taken. Adhere to recommended session durations, use appropriate tanning lotions, and wear protective eyewear. However, it’s essential to monitor your skin’s response and avoid overexposure, as excessive tanning can lead to skin damage and increase the risk of skin cancer.

What are the benefits of a stand up tanning bed versus a traditional lay-down model for home use?

Stand up tanning beds can provide an even tan without pressure points and usually require less space. They tend to have shorter session times due to higher wattage bulbs, offering convenience for our busy schedules.

What not to do when self tanning?

When self-tanning, avoid common mistakes such as skipping exfoliation, applying too much product, neglecting to moisturize beforehand, and forgetting to use a tanning mitt for even application. Also, steer clear of tight clothing immediately after application, as it may cause uneven color development. Always follow product instructions for the best results.

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