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Meticulously crafted, our red Light Tanning beds integrate advanced red light therapy bulbs, renowned for promoting skin health, vitality, and many health benefits.

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Red light tanning beds, unlike traditional tanning UV beds, use low-wavelength red light therapy. They’re designed to promote a variety of skin benefits rather than to darken the skin. These beds are equipped with panels emitting 660nm to 850nm wavelengths, which are considered therapeutic.


  • May boost collagen production
  • Could help in reducing wrinkles
  • Aims at improving skin tone


  • Primarily for skincare, not tanning
  • Users lie inside as with a regular tanning bed
  • Typically involves multiple sessions

It’s important to note that red light beds are not a UV source and therefore don’t cause skin tanning. While they’re called tanning beds due to their similar appearance to UV-based units, their purpose is distinct. They’re generally regarded as a non-invasive option for skin treatment.

Red light therapy tanning beds offer a range of potential benefits due to their use of low-wavelength red light. Here are some of the advantages that have been observed through studies and user experiences:

  • Skin Rejuvenation: They may help to reduce wrinkles and fine lines by stimulating collagen production, which improves skin elasticity.
  • Wound Healing: Red light therapy can accelerate the healing process of wounds by reducing inflammation and increasing the formation of new capillaries.
  • Pain Relief: Users have reported relief from chronic and acute pain. It’s thought that the therapy aids in reducing inflammation and stimulates healing.
Skin RejuvenationStimulates collagen production, potentially reducing wrinkles.
Wound HealingAccelerates healing, decreases inflammation, and promotes new capillary growth.
Pain ReliefMay help alleviate chronic and acute pain by reducing inflammation and promoting recovery.
Muscle RecoveryAssists in alleviating muscle soreness and accelerates the recovery process after exercise.
Anti-Inflammatory EffectsCan reduce inflammation, which is beneficial for skin conditions and overall body wellness.

The therapy is non-invasive and painless, making it a comfortable option for users seeking the above benefits. While results may vary from person to person, red light therapy tanning beds are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative wellness tool.

Red light tanning beds and hybrid tanning beds cater to different needs and provide distinct experiences. Red light tanning beds utilize red light at wavelengths typically between 620 to 700 nanometers. These are not designed for tanning but rather to promote skin repair and rejuvenation. They may help in reducing wrinkles and fine lines, improving skin tone, and aiding in the healing of scars and stretch marks.

Hybrid tanning beds, on the other hand, combine the traditional UV tanning method with red light therapy. This allows users to tan and potentially reap the skin benefits of red light simultaneously. The UV light in these beds stimulates melanin production to produce a sun-kissed look.

FeatureRed Light Tanning BedsHybrid Tanning Beds
PurposeSkin rejuvenationTanning and skin rejuvenation
Light TypeRed light (non-UV)UV and red light
Tanning ResultDoes not induce tanningPromotes melanin production for tanning
Skin BenefitsMay improve skin texture and toneCombines tanning with some benefits of red light
Exposure FrequencyRegular sessions recommendedRegular sessions according to skin type and goal

Red light beds are marketed for clients seeking primarily a cosmetic improvement in skin appearance without the tanning effect. Hybrid beds appeal to those who want the added benefit of a tan with their skin therapy. It is important for users to understand their goals and skin type when deciding between these two options. 

Red light tanning beds differ significantly from traditional commercial tanning beds. Traditional beds utilize UV light to stimulate the production of melanin, leading to tanned skin. In contrast, red light beds employ low-wavelength red light, which does not tan the skin but offer therapeutic benefits.

Features of Traditional Tanning Beds:

  • Use of UV radiation (UVA and UVB rays)
  • Promotes melanin production for skin tanning
  • High Exposure risks may cause skin dammages

Features of Red Light Tanning Beds:

  • Utilize red, low-wavelength light (600-660 nanometers)
  • Does not produce a tan
  • Benefits include improved skin texture, Reduce inflammation, Increase Energy.