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Lamp Type: Cosmedico Rubino From Germany
Lamp power: 180 Watt/each
Lamp Qty: 52 pcs
Total Power: 10 KW

Introducing the F10 RED, an avant-garde stand-up red light tanning bed that transcends traditional beauty and wellness standards. This exceptional product seamlessly merges innovative technology, unparalleled comfort, and the scientific excellence of Cosmedico Rubino lamps from Germany. Elevate your self-care routine with a product designed to redefine your skincare experience.

Cosmedico Rubino Lamps from Germany

Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of red light therapy with the F10 RED, featuring 52 Cosmedico Rubino lamps from Germany. Each lamp, delivering an impressive 180 watts, collectively generates a total power of 10 kW. Experience the potency of advanced German engineering as it envelops you in the rejuvenating glow of red light.

Scientifically Optimized Red Light Therapy

Unlock the secrets of radiant skin with the F10 RED’s red light therapy. The precise wavelength emitted by the Cosmedico Rubino lamps penetrates deep into the skin, promoting collagen synthesis and enhancing skin elasticity. Bid farewell to fine lines and wrinkles as you embrace a skincare routine backed by scientific excellence.

Ergonomic Design for Ultimate Comfort

Step into the future of tanning beds with the F10 RED’s stand-up design. Immerse yourself in the 360-degree coverage that ensures an even and complete distribution of red light across your entire body. This ergonomic configuration not only guarantees optimal results but also transforms your red light therapy sessions into a luxurious and comfortable experience.

Efficiency Redefined

With 52 high-powered lamps strategically positioned, the F10 RED offers remarkably efficient sessions, typically lasting just 10-15 minutes. Witness the fusion of effectiveness and convenience as the F10 RED optimizes your red light therapy routine, allowing you to integrate this transformative experience seamlessly into your busy lifestyle.

Premium Craftsmanship

The F10 RED boasts a sophisticated and contemporary design, crafted with precision and durability in mind. The high-quality materials elevate its aesthetic appeal while ensuring the longevity of your investment. Embrace the perfect blend of form and function.

Smart Energy Management

In line with modern sustainability, the F10 RED incorporates intelligent electronic ballast and energy-efficient features, showcasing a commitment to eco-consciousness without compromising on performance. Redefine your approach to wellness with a product that aligns with your values.

Elevate your skincare journey with the F10 RED – where innovation, comfort, and science converge to redefine the way you care for your skin. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of red light therapy, standing tall in the pursuit of radiant and youthful skin.


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