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The 7 Best Tanning Bed Lotion with Bronzer and Accelerator in 2023

If you’re on a quest for that golden glow without the sun’s UV drama, you’ve just stumbled upon the ultimate guide. We’re diving into the world of indoor tanning, and guess what’s in our arsenal? The top 7 tanning bed lotions with the perfect combo – bronzer and accelerator. Whether you’re a seasoned tanning pro or a first-timer, these little bottles of sunshine are about to revolutionize your glow game. Get ready to explore the best-kept secrets for a tan that’ll have everyone asking, “Where have you been vacationing?” 

Let’s dive into the bronzed bliss – because who needs the sun when you’ve got the best tanning bed lotions by your side?

Our Top 7 Picks:

Best if you are in a hurry
Australian Gold Cheeky Brown tanning bronzer accelerator

Best in general

Australian Gold Cheeky Brown

It’s not just a tanning lotion; it’s a vibe, a mood, and a whole experience. Get ready to level up your tan game with the No. 1 dark tanning lotion, now with an extra bronzy twist! Packed with native Australian oils, vitamins A and E, this formula is like a breeze for your skin. It hydrates, bronzes, and takes your tan to a whole new level. Whether you’re soaking up rays indoors or catching some sunshine outside, Cheeky Brown is your golden ticket to that perfect, sun-kissed glow. And the fragrance? It’s Cocoadreams – because your tan should not only look good but smell amazing too!

Brand: Australian Gold | Amazon rate: 4.5 | Price: U$21 | Skin type: All | Size: 8.5 Fl Oz

  • Cheeky Brown advanced formula with natural bronzers
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Hydrating
  • Professional salon lotion
  • Some Consumers mentioned that received the product out of date
Pro Tan Radically Hemp for men

Best price

Pro Tan Radically Hemp Ultra

This gelee is your express ticket to a deep, dark tan, thanks to its 10X unipertan accelerating complex. Packed with Monoi de Tahiti oils, botanicals, and vitamins A and E, it’s not just a tan – it’s a masterpiece. Smooth it on for a tropical vibe and a longer-lasting color that’s as smooth as it gets. Pro Tan it’s a legacy of trust and quality since 1987. Whether you’re tanning indoors or outdoors, get ready to shine like a pro!

Brand: Pro Tan | Amazon rate: 4.3 | Price: U$13 | Skin type: All | Size: 8.5 Fl Oz

  • Creamy gelee for quick absorption
  • 10X unipertan accelerating complex
  • Exotic botanicals and vitamins A and E for healthy skin
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Comes with Monoi de Tahiti oil
  • Consumer mentioned that the product consistency is very watery
Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses tanning accelerator

Best without bronzer

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses

Sit back and let your skin embark on a tropical getaway. A luxurious blend of coconut milk, coconut oil, and cocoa butter working their magic to hydrate your skin, making it feel as soft as a beachside breeze. No need for bronzing agents here – achieve that dark golden tan effortlessly. The fragrance? An intoxicating mix of coconut paradise with a hint of vanilla, making you feel like you’re already in your own little slice of heaven. Tanovations, the genius behind Ed Hardy tanning products, brings you a concoction of Quad Tyrosine Blend, Melano Bronze, Melactiva, Nouritan, and Body Fit – all aimed at giving you that deep, long-lasting tan.

Brand: Ed Hardy | Amazon rate: 4.4 | Price: U$26 | Skin type: All | Size: 13.5 Fl Oz

  • Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, Mineral Oil Free, DHA Free
  • Quad Tyrosine Blend & Melano Bronze: Stimulates and increases melanin formation
  • Contains coconut milk, coconut oil, and cocoa butter to improve skin hydration
  • Tattoo Fade Protecting Formula
  • Indoor & Outdoor Tanning
  • Some Consumers mentioned that the package broke in the first use
Onyx Ultime Luxury Triple Dark Tanning Lotion

Best with triple bronzer

Ultime Luxury Triple Dark

Get ready to unleash your inner bronzed goddess, This indoor tanning sensation boasts a powerful triple bronzer blend—DHA, Erythrulose, and Tyrosilane—for an exceptionally dark tan. No more extended tanning bed sessions; this accelerator means business, delivering a quick, natural-looking tan. But that’s not all! Infused with a premium Velvet Touch blend of Monoi Oil, Coconut Oil, and Macadamia Oil, this lotion elevates your skin to a whole new level. Achieve ultra-soft, nourished skin with a non-sticky texture, bidding farewell to uneven tan struggles. Let the Black Pearls work their magic for flawless, bronzed perfection! Brand: Onyx | Amazon rate: 4.1 | Price: U$39 | Skin type: All | Size: 8.45 Fl Oz
  • Ultra light and non sticky premium formula
  • SLES Free, SLS Free, Paraben Free, Cruelty Free
  • Triple bronzer effect, contains a three-part tan enhancing blend of DHA, Erythrulose, and Tyrosilane
  • Some Consumers mentioned that buyers with sensitive skin must be careful with buying this product, always read the information regardless
Toscana Intensive Bronzing Accelerator

Best for men

Toscana Intensive Bronzing Accelerator

Get ready for the ultimate tan, fellas! Onyx Toscana, armed with a robust 400x Dark Bronzing Formula for men, is your go-to for a head-turning tan. Whether you’re hitting the indoor beds or soaking up the outdoor sun, this bronzing lotion guarantees a flawless tan, free from streaks or stains. Bid farewell to orange tones, revel in lavish hydration, and elevate your tan. The outstanding white bronzing lotion, carefully crafted and enriched with Mystic Oil Complex, Black Rose, and Black Pearl extracts, is here to redefine your tanning experience. It’s time to achieve the perfect tan effortlessly, minus the hassle. Onyx Toscana – because every man deserves a tan that stands out!

Brand: Onyx | Amazon rate: 4.0 | Price: U$35 | Skin type: All | Size: 8.5 Fl Oz

  • 400x Dark tanning formula with Black rose and Black pearl extracts
  • Indoor and outdoor using
  • Contains white bronzer no stains and no streaks
  • Dermatologically tested in compliance with US standards
  • SLS Free, SLES Free, Paraben Free, Alcohol Free, Gluten Free, Cruelty Free, Vegan
  • some Consumers mentioned that the product fragrance is overwhelming
Bella Black 100X Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Best if you are in a hurry

Bella Black 100X Bronzer

Meet your secret weapon for a gorgeously chocolaty tan – the Bella Black 100X tanning lotion. This indoor bronzer and accelerator combo is all you need for that perfect tan without baking in the sun for hours. Easy to slap on and long-lasting, it’s a game-changer for the tan lovers who prefer the shade over the scorching rays. What makes it stand out? Well, it’s not your average tanning lotion. Enriched with an extreme silicone emulsion and a hint of banana fruit extract, it’s not just giving you a tan; it’s nourishing your skin, leaving it velvety soft. The magic doesn’t stop there – a melanin boost ensures your tan stays on point, and the DHA formula promises that deep, dark goodness. Plus, it’s a breeze to apply, suitable for all skin types. No compromise, no sunburn – just beautifully bronzed skin.

Brand: Dolce Vita | Amazon rate: 4.3 | Price: U$26 | Skin type: All | Size: 13.5 Fl Oz

  • Easy to apply and long-lasting
  • 100x black bronzer formula enriched with extreme silicone emulsion and banana fruit
  • Contains co-Q10 that stimulates the collage production
  • DHA bronzer with delayed results
  • Indoor and outdoor using
  • some Consumers mentioned that it’s a good product only if you are in a huge hurry to “tan” (dye your skin), it’s a very thin lotion with way too much bronzer
COCOSOLIS ALOHA Tanning Accelerator

Best organic

Cocosolis Aloha

Hey sun-seekers, listen up! This little bottle of magic is all about that quick, deep, and stunning tan, whether you’re chilling on the beach or catching some rays in the solarium. Packed with certified organic goodness like coconut, jojoba, sweet almond, avocado, and a dash of Vitamin E, it’s like a tropical cocktail for your skin. Slather it on before sunbathing or tanning bed sessions, and let the glow-up begin! Plus, it smells like a sweet coconut dream. Glow on, babes!

Brand: Cocosolis | Amazon rate: 4.0 | Price: U$35 | Skin type: Normal | Size: 5 Fl Oz

  • Accelerator with 5 precious oils
  • Certified organic ingredients, 99.8% natural ingredients
  • Indoor and outdoor using
  • Hydrating, smoothening, revitalizing, radiant, moisturizing, antioxidant, anti-aging and long-lasting
  • Silicon free
  • Bio-certified raw, cold pressed ingredients
  • Some Consumers mentioned that the package came with the pump broken

Buying Guide – Tanning Bed Lotion with Bronzer and Accelerator in 2023

Bronzer: The Instant Glow

What it does: Bronzers are additives in tanning lotions that provide an immediate tan effect. They work by darkening the skin upon application, giving you a quick and noticeable tan without the need for UV exposure. Types: There are various types of bronzers, including natural bronzers derived from plant extracts and chemical bronzers like DHA (dihydroxyacetone), which react with the amino acids in the skin to create a temporary tan. Use: Bronzers are perfect for those seeking immediate results or a more intense tan appearance. They’re particularly popular for special occasions or when you want to show off a tan quickly.

Accelerator: Boosting the Tanning Process

What it does: Tanning accelerators are formulated to stimulate the skin’s natural melanin production, the pigment responsible for skin color. By enhancing melanin production, accelerators help you achieve a faster, darker tan. Types: Accelerators can include various ingredients like amino acids, tyrosine, and certain vitamins that support melanin synthesis. Some accelerators also incorporate additional skincare elements to promote skin health during tanning. Use: Accelerators are ideal for those who want to build a gradual tan over time. They’re a great choice for regular tanners looking to deepen their tan progressively and maintain a more sustained glow.

Choosing the Right Balance

When selecting a tanning bed lotion, consider your preference for immediate coloration versus a gradual tan. Some lotions combine both bronzer and accelerator elements for a comprehensive tanning experience. Understanding the role of each component allows you to tailor your choice based on your desired outcome, whether it’s an instant golden glow or a more extended, natural-looking tan.

Cracking the Code: Understanding Labels for a Safer Tan

Labels aren’t just decoration – they’re your guide to a safe and personalized tanning experience. Decode terms like THC-free, paraben-free, and gluten-free to tailor your choice to your preferences and skin needs. THC-free formulas ensure a carefree experience, paraben-free options are perfect for those steering clear of certain preservatives, and gluten-free formulas cater to sensitive skin. Understanding these labels empowers you to curate a tanning routine that’s as unique as you are, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable glow-up journey.

FAQ – Tanning Bed Lotion with Bronzer and Accelerator in 2023

What is the difference between bronzer and accelerator tanning bed lotion?

Bronzer tanning bed lotions contain ingredients that provide an instant tan effect by darkening the skin upon application. On the other hand, accelerator tanning bed lotions stimulate melanin production, facilitating a gradual and darker tan over time. The main distinction lies in the immediacy of results – bronzer offers quick color, while accelerator contributes to a more prolonged tan.

What does a tanning lotion with bronzer do?

A tanning lotion with bronzer enhances the tanning process by instantly darkening the skin. It typically contains natural or chemical bronzers like DHA, providing a temporary tan without exposure to UV rays. This type of lotion is ideal for individuals seeking immediate, noticeable results for special occasions or a quick golden glow.

Can you use bronzer in a tanning bed?

Yes, bronzer tanning lotions are designed specifically for use in tanning beds. They offer a convenient way to achieve an instant tan without the need for prolonged exposure to UV rays. Users can apply bronzer lotions evenly before entering the tanning bed for quick and effective results.

What is the best tan accelerator for tanning beds?

The best tan accelerator for tanning beds depends on individual preferences and skin types. Popular accelerators contain ingredients like amino acids and vitamins to stimulate melanin production, aiding in the development of a gradual and darker tan. It’s recommended to choose an accelerator that aligns with your desired tanning outcome and skin sensitivity for optimal results.

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